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Amrita Purse
If your wallet is bulging with coins,notes and credit cards, it's probably time to upgrade to a colo..
Rs. 720.00
Painted Kettle
Old boring kettle magically transformed into a piece of art with the traditional art of Madhubani.&n..
Rs. 1,500.00
Bag of Bengal
Have a party or a meeting to attend? Need to go out with your girls? What do you need with that bea..
Rs. 899.00
Didi P Clutch
With an asymmetrical angled front, the Didi P Clutch is simple and eloquent. Show off sleek recycled..
Rs. 790.00
Desk Clock Blue
Table clocks, made using layered paper. The hindi numbers on the dial are inspired by the quirky mov..
Rs. 395.00
Handmade Tube Diary
This upcycling  is a super fancy transformation of tyre tubes to give you a stylish diary ..
Rs. 1,304.00
Color Pencil Chalk Board
Our love for everything colorful led us to create this blackboard, which add an instant spunk to you..
Rs. 925.00
Chhota Bomb
The Chhota Bomb, with its smooth, shiny surface, compact size and mild aroma, makes for a great g..
Rs. 150.00 112.5
Lassi Coasters
The Lassi Coasters’ colorful patterns and embroidered designs will brighten up your coffee table! Ma..
Rs. 199.00
Hip Flask
Take a few sips of your favourite drink from this simple yet stylish Hip Flask to quench your thrist..
Rs. 799.00
Office Tray Set
Old is gold, is what is rightly said, but in our case, these trays reword this saying to "old is new..
Rs. 1,050.00
Amrita Rice Purse
If your wallet is bulging with coins,notes and credit cards, it's probably time to upgrade to a colo..
Rs. 720.00
Brooke Clutch
Why choose between a funky pattern and sleek rubber when you can have it all? Dress it down or dress..
Rs. 999.00
Painted Bottles
A collaboration of upcycling, art and culture, this painted bottle will add the traditional Mad..
Rs. 500.00
Longmen Bag
With a natural look and subtle detail, the Longman Bag is ideal for your folders and important paper..
Rs. 1,200.00
Beer Clutch
There's more those beer cans can do then just make you shell out money.  The Beer Clutch, apar..
Rs. 799.00
Big Sholay Tribute Cotton Bag
Big Sholay Tribute Cotton Bag ..
Rs. 599.00
Flex Coin Pouch
Collect all the scattered coins from your bag and put it in this stylish pouch! The Flex Coin ..
Rs. 100.00
Clea Bag
Who knew a bag made from recycled leather straps and tyre tube could look this classy? The Clea Bag ..
Rs. 2,000.00
Acrylic and Vinyl Clock
We stress endlessly upon reusing, and that is exactly how this little wonder w..
Rs. 775.00
Coffee Coasters
There’s just something about these coasters that remind us of a hot cup of  coffee on a cold, w..
Rs. 349.00
Big Signature Candle Holders
It's time to turn the bottles upside down and transform it into a beautiful candle holder. The Big S..
Rs. 500.00
Diamond Bag
The Diamond Bag’s exquisite colorful and patchwork design will brighten up your every..
Rs. 999.00
Crispy Wallet
Here and there, chips packets every where and now even in your hand. But this time they do not hold ..
Rs. 750.00
Bottle Vase
Let this fancy upcycled glass bottle vase hold the beautiful flowers you bought today. Apart from th..
Rs. 500.00
Cupcake Candles
Some love candles, some love cupcakes. Then there are those who love both and for such people we bri..
Rs. 160.00 120
Bada Bomb
The Bada Bomb, has a smooth, shiny surface and soothing mild aroma which makes it the perfect b..
Rs. 300.00 225
Doodh Pencil Case
Doodh, where's my pencil? Keep your pens and pencils safe in this funky case made from recycled milk..
Rs. 350.00
Perrier Candle
This green candle is simple and elegant . The upcycled curvy beer bottle is perfect to pla..
Rs. 300.00 225
Corona Candle
Once you wre done with what's inside, we give you an eye catching candle with what's left of the out..
Rs. 325.00 243.75
Flat Signature
Set of 4. The small green candle may look discreet and shy, but will pleasantly su..
Rs. 800.00 600
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